Modelling + Quantitative Analysis

We are experts in preparing models and undertaking quantitative analysis. Our team possesses capabilities across the whole of the mathematical and technical spectrum, from machine learning to optimization to time series and statistics.

If you have a problem that is inherently quantitative in nature, we can help you solve it. Some examples of our work are listed below.

Economic and regulatory expertise

Infrastructure business are typically subject to extensive economic regulation. A large part of our work involves guiding our clients through the process of navigating the regulatory frameworks that underpin the energy, transport and water sectors. Our team includes experts in economic regulation and market design.

Network Tariff Structure Statements

NSW Network Businesses

Capacity market

Energy Security Board

Advice on Calculation of LRMC


Expert advice for the NSW Electricity Roadmap

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Strategic advisory services

Our advice is not confined to ‘running the numbers’ – our expertise in quantitative analysis means that we have a unique insight into the infrastructure sector. knowing the vital statistics of an industry, and understanding how it will evolve into the future are fundamental to developing strategy. We are experts in identifying what is going on in an industry, developing guiding principles for navigating the sector, and ultimately recommending sets of actions. We know how to formulate and implement a strategy, and so help our clients make decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Building tools and software

A large part of work involves making tools and products that can be used on a ongoing basis by our clients. Sometimes these tools can be as simple as an API, or as complicated as an entire workflow. Our team’s strong programming skills make this type of work possible.

ML price forecast

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Battery optimisation

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Reliability of water

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