Why Endgame?

It’s cliche but we aren’t like any other consultancy.

Be part of the transition, the biggest issue facing the 21st Century

We are passionate about energy, the environment and decarbonisation.

Work in different jurisdictions with a number of clients in private and public organisations
Use your skills on different projects,
no day is the same
We get unique projects all the time.

Be trained by experts

Work with a diverse team

We have backgrounds in:

  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Biology
  • Finance
  • Data science
We are all about data and numbers. We are passionate about quantitative methods.
Work at the cutting edge
  • Artifical intellegence
  • Machine learning
  • Optimisation
  • Agent based simulations
We regually hold networking events, modelling meetups and attend conferences

Future employees

Endgame is always looking for capable
staff who are passionate about applying
their knowledge in the energy sector.