Price Projection Service

Projection Services

The energy system is constantly evolving due to changes in technology, government policies and consumer behaviour. More than ever, industry needs frequent, comprehensive analyses and forecasts to make informative decisions.

We offer two price projection services that models Australia’s National Electricity Market producing dispatch outcomes for a twenty year time horizon under various scenarios.

Premium Price Projection Service

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Base Package

Battery Package


Regulatory update

Premium Price Projection Service

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Volatility Package

The volatility package includes additional modelling to investigate alternative sensitivities

The volatility package seeks to create a distribution of prices across many scenarios and provide insight into the drivers of higher-price events.

This package will take the house view scenario and will run sensitivities to demand, weather reference years and outage scenarios.


POE changes

Weather reference year

Collection of
reference years

Outage scenarios

Outages to important

Premium Price Projection Service

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Base Package

The base package contains price projections for five different scenarios

The orderly transition

An updated view of AEMO’s central ISP

Our house view

Our view of the future

Chaotic transition

When entry is stalled and coal units have higher outage rates

High trajectory

High demand, high fuel cost

Low trajectory

Low demand, low fuel cost

Premium Price Projection Service

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Battery Package

The battery package contains an analysis of battery revenue streams and profitability

The battery package seeks to support decision making about storage systems by modelling FCAS alongside participation in the wholesale market.

This package includes an analysis of battery profitability as a result of considering the relevant revenue stream.

Energy Arbitrage

Revenue from energy only market

Profitability assessment

Analyse the revenue streams and summarise profitability


Model FCAS markets and associated battery revenues

Premium Price Projection Service

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Regulatory update

Stay informed with potential changes to the market

An update on changes to the regulatory framework and how it might impact your business, consumers and the energy industry as a whole.

We understand that the energy sector is constantly evolving. Become informed about these changes to ensure compliance and stay ahead of the competition.

Each Quarter We Provide

Modelling results data
Transparent provision of data

Detailed briefings
Explain and provide insight into results

Regulatory outlook and update
Discuss current and future regulatory issues

We provide the underlying data to enable you and your team to analyse and draw your own insights from the results. This includes both summary data and raw outcomes such as half hourly demand, dispatch and interconnector results in CSV format.

In all packages we include a regulatory outlook and update. The service leverages Endgame’s extensive regulatory experience with an updated discussion of the regulatory landscape.

Free Price
Projection Service

Similar to the premium service we offer a half-yearly free price projection. Modelling a 20 year horizon with a limited number of scenarios. We also publish outputs and provide summary data accompanying a presentation.

We share our results by conducting briefings in major capital cities of Australia that attracts a wide audience across the energy sector. We are also happy to conduct internal briefings for your company, feel free to get in touch.

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