The Weekly Dispatch: Grid game

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. The AER have released the 2023-24 DMO with prices increasing around 20%. Meanwhile Japan’s government has announced price rises of between 14% and 42%.
  2. Meeting communique from the Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council – Energy Ministers Sub-Group.
  3. The NSW Government has released the Network Infrastructure Strategy proposing options to deliver REZ transmission infrastructure. Relatedly, AEMO Services has opened registration for Tender Round 3 for 950 MW of generation and 550 MW of long-duration storage.
  4. In Queensland, Powerlink has announced landholder payments of around $300,000/km for new transmission infrastructure.
  5. In the US, CAISO has approved $7.3 billion (USD) for new transmissions projects.
  6. More on transformer shortages.
  7. The North American Electric Reliability Corporation has released its 2023 Summer Reliability Assessment finding “elevated” reliability risks for around two-thirds of North America in the event of a hot summer.
  8. Podcast of the week: Ed Miliband on industrial policy, supply chains and why the UK needs an answer to the US Inflation Reduction Act.
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