The Weekly Dispatch: Snowy with a chance of meet goals

In this Weekly Dispatch:

  1. Snowy Hydro updates its business case for Snowy 2.0 showing increased benefits.
  2. The BOM forecasts a very warm winter for Australia, could this be a sign of climate change?
  3. The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water in NSW released a consultation paper on reviewing long-duration storage.
  4. Brookfield enters deal to buy France’s Neoen for $6.6 billion which is a major renewable developer in Australia.
  5. Consultation has started for Tasmania’s first Renewable Energy Zone.
  6. The Queensland government introduces a ban on pumping and storing carbon into the Great Artesian Basin.
  7. Podcast of the week: The Catalyst discusses time of use pricing and how it should be implemented.
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