The Weekly Dispatch: What price emissions?

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. Energy Ministers have submitted a suite of rule changes to harmonise the national energy rules with the emissions reduction component to be included in the energy objectives.
  2. AEMO has released its priority action plan for the 100% renewables engineering roadmap.
  3. It’s all about system security this week: Jonathon Dyson writes about inertia at WattClarity. The ABC published an article about the role of synchronous condensers and the AEC summarised the findings of a recent report commissioned by ARENA on repurposing coal generators as synchronous condensers.
  4. CSIRO has released the latest GenCost report.
  5. The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into undergrounding transmission lines held a hearing in Sydney.
  6. Further news on the transformer supply crunch.
  7. A new report looks at the benefits of accelerating transmission expansion in ERCOT.
  8. Podcasts of the week: The AFR on the challenges of reaching 2030 climate targets; Energy Insiders on green hydrogen; Public Power Underground on different approaches to power system modelling.
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