About us

Endgame Economics is a firm focused on providing mathematical modelling and economic advice in the energy sector.

Our team comprises four directors with a combined 50 years’ experience in the fields of economics, mathematical optimisation, and energy modelling together with analysts who have exceptional training and quantitative skills. Our firm brings together a unique combination of expertise in data analytics, strategy consulting, and deep domain knowledge in the energy and utilities industry. We have successfully delivered projects with a large variety of clients including governments, regulators, investors and commercial entities.

We have extensive experience in providing economic and quantitative advice

The staff members of Endgame Economics have a detailed track record of conducting bespoke modelling to answer the hardest questions in the energy sector. We have built bespoke models to investigate changes to wholesale energy and derivative markets, intervention mechanisms, ancillary service markets, transmission access design, and emissions reduction policies. Our experts have worked alongside generators, various market bodies (the AEMC, the ESB, AEMO), networks and retailers.

We have exceptional modelling skills and have helped numerous clients develop bespoke models at different scales

Endgame consists of experienced modellers who can implement models in many platforms including R and Python. A major part of our business is to build bespoke models that address complex questions that are beyond the capabilities of existing tools.

We are experts in quantitative analysis in the energy sector and are highly familiar with energy market data

Our team members have been analysing and working with electricity market data continuously for the last decade. All of our team members (including junior staff) possess programming skills in Python, R, Julia, and we are comfortable working with Tableau and PowerBI to conduct analysis of large data sets either locally or on the cloud. We are highly familiar with the MMS database, gas market data from the DWGM and STTM, and the 4 second SCADA data collected by AEMO (used to calculate frequency control ancillary service liabilities). We are well-known in the Australian energy sector for the unique and distinctive analyses that we produce.