The Weekly Dispatch: International Women’s Day

In this weekly dispatch, it lands on International Women’s Day so we will celebrate by talking to some of the Women at Endgame.


Introduce yourself and role at Endgame: Olivia Filipe

Hi! I’m Olivia and I’m a graduate analyst in the bespoke modelling team at Endgame Economics. I love how my role combines both my maths and economics majors and am so excited to work in an industry that contributes to creating a sustainable future.

My article of the week is: A new offshore wind zone has been declared in the Southern Ocean off western Victoria


Introduce yourself and role at Endgame: Emily Cooper

Hey, I’m Emily and I’m a consultant working in the market modelling team at Endgame. I fell into energy after doing maths at uni, and really knew nothing at first. I really like how the work we do is at the intersection of maths, computer science, engineering, policy and economics.

My article of the week is: The Liberal party is considering small and large-scale nuclear reactors and taking this policy to the election


Introduce yourself and role at Endgame: Angela Vumbaca

Hi, I’m Angela and I’m a consultant here at Endgame. I really enjoy using both economics and design thinking to overcome wicked problems such as the energy transition. It’s great contributing to such a large and important cause.

My article of the week is: Cash to airlines for scrapping old planes instead of selling can help decarbonise


Other stories:

  1. There is a shortage of EV mechanics
  2. Victoria’s first ever waste-to-energy project has been given the green light.
  3. In 2023 utility-scale batteries doubled and more on the economics of batteries


Podcast of the week:

Over on The Carbon Copy, artificial intelligence requires more energy than you expect and is driving large increases in load.

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