The Weekly Dispatch – Lights out at Liddell

The Weekly Dispatch is a new blog post series summarising the latest developments in the Australian and global energy markets. With so much happening across the sector we want to provide a quick digest of developments we come across during the week. In a given week this could include wholesale market events, news articles, blogs, regulatory developments, academic articles or podcasts.

This week:

  1. Liddell closure – Australia’s oldest coal-fired power station will close next week after 50 years of operation. Allan O’Neil wrote a WattClarity post in January looking at the plant’s decreasing reliability in recent years. Meanwhile, in Germany the last nuclear power plants are also shutting down.
  2. The AEC has written an excellent 2-part summary of the US Inflation Reduction Act. Where is Australia’s response?
  3. The AEMC has initiated two FCAS rule changes from grids proposing changes to how contingency FCAS costs are allocated and to require AEMO to trade-off enabling more contingency FCAS against curtailing generation or load to reduce the requirement.
  4. The Commonwealth Government has announced their National Electric Vehicle Strategy including fuel efficiency standards, support for charging infrastructure and incentives for EV uptake.
  5. Podcast of the week: Redefining Energy on how to monetise large scale batteries
  6. Endgame is recruiting for interns. Contact us at
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