The Weekly Dispatch: Amping it up

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. .The NSW Government is set to legislate a 2030 target of 50% emissions and a target for net zero by 2050. The legislation will also establish a Net Zero Commission to monitor and report on progress towards the targets.
  2. The ACCC has granted authorisation for the proposed acquisition of Origin Energy by Brookfield.
  3. The new Contingency FCAS market for very fast frequency response commenced on the 9th October.
  4. The CEC has published Power Playbook making several recommendations to policymakers to accelerate the transition.
  5. The first turbine in the world’s largest offshore windfarm has started generating electricity.
  6. Podcasts of the week: The Substation podcast on alternatives to nodal pricing; Let me sum up on cost benefit analysis.
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