The Weekly Dispatch: Below zero

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. AEMO Services Tender 4 will not include Central-West Orana REZ Access Rights as originally planned. These rights are planned to be made available “as soon as possible”.
  2. South Australia averaged 87% renewables in October.
  3. The always excellent Lynne Kiesling asks whether wholesale market design can be improved. Production tax credits, equivalent to LGCs (but paid by taxpayers rather than consumers), create a distortion in power markets exacerbating negative pricing. As noted in our October free subscriber session, the obvious but perhaps politically unpalatable solution is carbon pricing. For a different view, see this recent piece by Tahlia Nolan, Tim Nelson and Joel Gilmore on the advantages of extending the RET.
  4. Michael Liebreich published the latest version of the Hydrogen Ladder.
  5. The ABC has published a detailed story on rooftop PV.
  6. The AEMC launches its review on the compensation frameworks following the June crisis last year.
  7. Podcasts of the week: Volts hosts Jesse Jenkins on how to address VRE variability.
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