The Weekly Dispatch: Origin Story

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. The Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council meeting communique noted the recently released National Hydrogen Strategy consultation and support for the Guarantee of Origin scheme (funded in the 2023-24 Budget). Ministers also agreed to progress the Voluntary Congestion Relief Market; supported the implementation of the emissions objective in the NEO in October and noted NSW will continue development of the Orderly Exit Management Framework.
  2. The percentage of demand met by renewables hit 37% NEM-wide for the 2022-23 financial year, and 70% in SA. In another milestone, wind and solar generation exceeded fossil fuel generation in the EU for the first time in May.
  3. Nigeria has passed legislation creating state electricity markets.
  4. Joshua Rhodes estimates that renewables in ERCOT have reduced wholesale electricity costs by $31.5 billion between 2010-22. ERCOT has also introduced a new ancillary service.
  5. Transmission Impossible? The need for transmission in the US and the challenges of getting it built.
  6. Debate continues on EU electricity market design.
  7. Podcasts of the week: Cleaning Up interviews Fatih Birol; Columbia Energy Exchange on US offshore wind; Energy Insiders on weather extremes.
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