The Weekly Dispatch: Renewable records

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. The AER has published the 2023 State of the Energy Market The report highlights a number of challenges including an increase in retail prices, system security and reliability risks and transmission delays.
  2. Minimum demand records are set across the NEM. New VRE records were also set.
  3. In Western Australia, the SWIS hit two new records: minimum operational demand and record rooftop PV generation.
  4. Enel X has been contracted by AEMO to supply 120MW of flexible demand capacity under the Non Co-Optimised Essential System Services (NCESS) for 2024-2026 through their VPP.
  5. Grid forming batteries are competing with synchronous condensers to provide system stability services in UK tenders.
  6. The EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism has entered into application.
  7. Podcasts of the week: Resources Radio on cutting the interconnection queue; Renew asks: what price Marinus?
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