The Weekly Dispatch: WEM alarm

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. AEMO has released the WEM ESOO indicating a need for investment in capacity to meet the WEM reliability standard. The WA government has announced a 6 month delay to the Muja 6 coal plant to help address the shortfall.
  2. The CER has resumed issuing carbon credits for Human Induced Regeneration projects.
  3. The IEA has released a Coal Market Update showing coal demand hit a new record high in 2023. Prices have fallen around 70% from their 2022 highs.
  4. Hawaiian Electric faces lawsuits claiming they are responsible for the recent fires.
  5. The Inflation Reduction Act one year on.
  6. Podcasts of the week: Catalyst on the challenges of accommodating load growth; Carbon Copy on the IRA.
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