The Weekly Dispatch: What lies in store?

In this edition of the Weekly Dispatch:

  1. Commonwealth funding announced to expand NSW’s firming tender for new dispatchable renewable capacity by up to 550 MW, with the aim to eliminate AEMO’s forecast supply shortfall in FY 2029.
  2. The Energy Institute publishes the 72nd Statistical Review of World Energy. The review, previously published by BP, is an invaluable source of energy data. You can also find the underlying datasets here.
  3. Siemens Energy shares fall 37% due to turbine quality issues. Repairs are predicted to cost more than $1.6 billion AUD.
  4. BOM declares 70% chance of El Niño, to be confirmed within 3-4 weeks. Extreme weather and the chance of bushfires pose risks to the system. AEMO will need to work closely with BOM and weather providers to prepare operations ahead of summer and schedule planned maintenance for critical plants.
  5. The AER fines EnergyAustralia and Incitec Pivot over $600k for alleged breaches of the NGR relating to gas demand forecasting. The AER also institutes proceedings against AGL for Loy Yang and Bayswater power stations failing to provide FCAS services despite receiving payments to be on standby.
  6. Rondo Energy has announced it will expand its “heat battery” factory to a 90 GWh capacity. Volts interviewed the CEO about the technology back in March.
  7. Jim Snow of Oakley Greenwood presents on the potential for renewable gases in the east coast gas network.
  8. Podcasts of the week: Energy Policy Now on California’s floating offshore wind ambitions; The Big Switch publishes the final part of its five-part season exploring the European energy crisis.
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